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Taikai (Canada)
Company Profile

Taikai (Canada) Switchgear Co., Ltd. was incorporated in BC, Canada in February 2017. The company specializes in the sales, installation, maintenance, and importation and exportation of transmission and transformation equipment manufactured by Taikai group. Power transmission equipment mainly includes: transformers, high voltage switchgears, wires and cables, C-GISs etc.

The company is located in Surrey, BC, which is mainly engaged in the promotion and product sales activities of the “Taikai”brand in Canada. Taikai group has several categories of products, and the core technologies are reaching world leading level. The Company takes the market as the guide and focuses on the needs of customers. The specially developed 38 kV vacuum circuit breaker and 145 kV dead tank circuit breaker for North America market have passed all the type tests in KEMA, the Netherland with good appearance and excellent performance.

Contact Information:
Email: info@taikaicanada.com